Digital Leadership Academy

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Course Code
Part Time, 31 weeks
3 hours per week – 13/09/24 – 11/07/25 – Friday 9:00-12:00
Digital Technologies, Computing & IT
Start Date
13 Sep 2024
End Date
11 Jul 2025
Course Overview
Digital Transformation and Digitalisation are changing the way that organisations operate. What worked before might not keep working in the age of increased digital systems, big data, and Artificial Intelligence. In these areas and more, the importance of Digital Leadership cannot be overstated. This course will teach you everything you need to know about good Digital Leadership, and how to steer through the many opportunities and challenges that you could find yourself facing in the future, or even right now.

As part of the course you will have the opportunity to study and achieve the ILM Level 4 Certificate in Leadership and Management.

You will study the following areas -

Introducing Digital Leadership

● What is Digital Transformation and Digitalisation?
● The Three Pillars - People, Processes, Technology
● Active Intelligence and Real-Time Data

The Benefits of a Digital Leadership Approach

● Innovation
● Embedding Technology
● Integration of Legacy Systems
● Digital Culture Development
● Enabling Productivity
● Customer Satisfaction
● Efficiency

Digital Leadership Skills

● Communication Skills
● Vision
● Digital Literacy and Awareness
● Strategic Thinking
● Innovative Thinking
● Creativity
● Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
● Risk Taking
● Adaptability
● Project Management
● Change Management
● Data Skills and Data-Driven Decision Making
● Security and Integrity

Understanding the Management Role to Improve Management Performance

● Goals and Objectives
● Responsibilities
● Interpersonal and Communications Skills
● Assessing Performance
● Personal Development

Digital Disruption

● Opportunities and Threats
● Organisational Audit/Health Check/Risk Assessment

Creating a Digital Strategy

● Setting a Vision
● KPIs/Goals and Objectives
● Timeframes
● Stakeholders
● The Digital Skills Gap

Digital Action Plan

● Development
● Understanding Barriers
● Stakeholder Engagement
● What Does Success Look Like?
● Implementation

Digital Change Management

● Communication
● Collaborative Working
● Creating Buy In
● Benefits and Risks
● Change Management Models
● Change Implementation Plan
● Useful Tools

Managing and Implementing Change in the Workplace

● Reasons for Change
● Environmental and Organisational Analysis
● Benefits and Risks
● Change Implementation Plan

Digital Project Management

● Lean and Agile Methodologies
● Principles
● Skills and Knowledge
● Planning
● Value Stream Mapping
● Delivery
● Useful Tools
● Measuring Results

Progressive Leadership

● Leading by Example
● Strategy Communication and Strategic Alignment
● Inspirational
● Celebrating Success

Management Communication

● The Communication Cycle
● Tone, Language, and Level of Formality
● Effective Communication Methods
● Evaluating Communication Skills and Ability
● Collecting and Analysing Feedback

Data Insights and Digital Storytelling

● Understanding Your Data
● Identifying Useful Digital Insights
● Using Digital Storytelling Effectively

Security and Integrity

● Cyber Security and eSafety
● Social Engineering

Transformational Technologies and Horizon Scanning

● Emerging Technologies and Trends
● AI and Big Data
● Robotics and Automation
● AR/VR and Simulation
● Cloud Technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT)
● Quantum Computing
● Distributed Systems and Blockchain
● Biotechnology
● Responsive & Smart Materials
● Nanotechnology
● No Code and AI
Ongoing assessment via tasks and tutor monitoring. A variety of learning resources are used, such as –
● Lecture materials
● Interactive discussions
● Digital training
● Videos
● Examples and case studies
There are no formal entry requirements. However, you should either be a new, experienced, or aspiring manager or leader.
The course provides you with the necessary knowledge and tools to help you understand the principles of digital transformation and the importance of digital leadership. It will benefit you in your personal development and help you to further develop your career.
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