Develop. Grow. Succeed.

Our Employer Engagement department is the central point of contact for all employers. We pride ourselves on being one of the leading providers of training to businesses across North Wales and the North West and our ability to respond to the growing demand for training ranging from basic skills through to professional development.

Our expertise and dedication to assisting you in growing your business ensures that your workforce delivers the results you need.

Why invest in training?

Well-trained and effective employees are more important than ever for business success. Having a team with the right skills can help you meet business challenges such as competition, growth and innovation.

Our dedicated, professional staff have substantial industrial experience, are qualified in their specialist fields and are also qualified trainers. They are dedicated to providing quality training and are committed to working flexibly and responsively to meet the needs of customers, whilst achieving excellent results.

What our customers say


How we helped: Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) programmes.

The Employer Engagement team at Coleg Cambria have been extremely friendly and helpful in setting up a programme of ILM training for our employees.

What our customers say

Flintshire County Council

How we helped: Basic Skills at Work.

We saw this initiative as an opportunity to develop our employees and to meet the ever increasing literacy and numeracy demands when reporting and recording information. We are delighted to be involved.

What our customers say

Flintshire County Council

The CEOs of Coleg Cambria and Flintshire County Council explain how their strategic partnership works in order to develop management skills through a tailored Corporate ILM programme.

Benefits for your business

Public, private or voluntary - we work closely with employers of all sizes and at all levels.

Improved productivity - through a more responsive, motivated workforce.

Increased overall efficiency - through reducing mistakes.

Recruitment from within - by developing your employees to your high standards.

Increased job satisfaction - and reduced staff turnover.

Improved employee confidence - and morale when they gain national recognised qualifications.

Enhanced customer service - which directly impacts on sales.

Access to funding - you may not have to pay for the full costs of training your employees.

Additional benefits

Business networks

As part of the Coleg Cambria Employer Engagement agenda, Business Networks are key to focusing training and helping businesses update the skills of their employees thereby contributing to success.

There is opportunity for members to become involved in various innovative project initiatives in partnership with the College.

Business events

You will be invited to attend breakfast meetings or business evenings at Coleg Cambria, which take place throughout the year and offer presentations on current issues affecting employers.

Recent business events have covered employment law updates, health and safety regulations and funding.

Facilities hire

If you need to launch a new product, carry out interviews and/or team meetings why not contact Coleg Cambria for very competitive rates on the hire of meeting rooms, conference suites or our audio/video conferencing centre.

We are able to provide a comprehensive catering service for any occasion.