At Coleg Cambria we offer a wide range of free fitness and sporting activities to students and staff to allow them to be active during their time working or studying at the college.

We understand the importance of keeping active especially after sitting down for most of the day during lessons and work.

Activities Coleg Cambria offers for free consist of:

    • Spin
    • Pilates
    • Yoga
    • Badminton
    • Tai chi
    • Strength training

and much more

Here is the couch to 5km programme for those of you wishing to sign up


Coleg Cambria has fitness rooms for staff to use for free at our Deeside and Llysfasi site, along with an onsite private gym called ‘Lifestyle’ fitness within the Deeside site.

There are numerous private gyms located by our Bersham and Yale site. With memberships starting at only £20.

Coleg Cambria also offers a variety of staff discount for local gyms in Wrexham, Flintshire and Cheshire as part of our staff benefit hub.

Benefits of physical activity

  • Helps prevent type 2 diabetes


  • Aids in preventing Parkinson’s disease


  • Reduces risk of cancer and heart diseases


  • Improves health and mood during pregnancy


  • Aids in weight management in kids and adults


  • Improves bone density and prevents osteoporosis


  • Helps to improve learning and mental performance


  • Effective in reducing stress, anxiety and depression

The world health organisation recommends 150 minutes of exercise a week for adults and 60 minutes a day for children.

From World Health Organisation. How much physical activity is needed for good health?