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Have Your Say

Your voice counts – submit your idea through our Have Your Say form and get other students to share their agreement (UPVOTE) or disagreement (DOWNVOTE) with it.

Please be realistic when submitting your ideas as they will be reviewed – we do not have magic wands and there is only so much space to add/do things/activities being requested. Any requests which would breach any health and safety guidelines will also be rejected.

Once the ideas have been reviewed, they will be added to the page below, either grouped by campus / for Work-Based Learners or open to the whole college, and students will be invited to vote on the ideas. In the interest of fairness, all students will only be able to vote on each idea once, and the voting form will only be accessible by Coleg Cambria email accounts.

As each idea increases in popularity and gains enough UPVOTES, the ideas will be presented to Student Rep and/or Campus Council Meetings as relevant for discussion and to seek approval on the next steps.

Current Ideas

The following ideas have been submitted – next to each idea you will find a link to the voting form where you can UPVOTE or DOWNVOTE the idea.

We are currently waiting for your ideas to be submitted.

Voting Results

Submit An Idea

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