Your Voice, Your Union!

Ren-Zubet Parkinson
Student Governor
A Levels: Art & Design; Drama & Theatre Studies; Psychology
Role(s): Campus Leaders, D6th, D6th Reps, Student Governors, Student Reps

Ren-Zubet is a transgender student studying A levels in Costume Design within Theatre Studies, and Psychology at Deeside 6th. He is actively involved in Coleg Cambria’s Student Voice activities which includes being a Campus Council representative for Deeside 6th and attending meetings of the Student Equality & Diversity Group.

Ren-Zubet works closely with the LGBT and Equality Teams within Coleg Cambria as an agender student; having made podcasts in June 2021 to promote both student and staff LGBT activism against the casual un-education and injustice within society after being inspired from attending NUS conferences in March and April 2021.

Ren-Zubet enjoys fashion design, cooking and horror movies. His aspiration is to follow a fashion course at university to gain the skills needed to start his own clothing brand.


I weld fy mhroffil yn Gymraeg, cliciwch yma yn lle'r botwm i newid yr iaith yn y ddewislen.