Clubs, Groups and Societies

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Clubs, Groups and Societies

Coleg Cambria Student Voice helps to facilitate clubs, groups and societies run by and for students across all campuses at Coleg Cambria.

Many of these groups run remotely via Google Classrooms, allowing smaller numbers of students with similar interests across the different campuses to find each other and grow into larger communities.

This year these groups will be able to start meeting in person on campuses again, but will need to make arrangements to find suitable sized classrooms so that any distancing requirements (should they be reintroduced) can be managed. The Student Group Leads will also need to make sure that numbers for in-person meetings are managed through booking forms for each meeting (this can be done through Google Form sign-up sheets). Please ensure that all classrooms/meeting areas are well ventilated. Where possible, if you have members of the group that are on their own on their campus, please include them virtually when meeting in person on other campuses.

If you have an idea or request for a new club, group or society that is not already in the list below that you would like to start, please email with your request and details about the club, group or society along with how you see it being run. We will then contact you with whether it is possible (groups that need additional or specialist facilities or equipment would need to be discussed first to see if they can be accommodated) and to help you get them started and promoted.

Typically our clubs, groups and societies fall under two categories: 1. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – these groups are private and closed, with membership being requested from members of staff, although they do still have Student Group Leads; 2. Interest Groups – these groups are typically more open-access with any student being able to join them and having multiple Student Group Leads, usually the students who have set the groups up and others who have requested/been invited to help them manage the groups. Rules apply to both types of groups and bullying and unnecessary behaviour is not tolerated in any of our clubs, groups and societies.

Requests for sports clubs or groups are usually referred to Active Cambria – please email if you are interested in having any new sports activities or clubs set up. These are usually set up and run by Trusted Leaders.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Groups

Please note, due to the nature of these groups and in order to provide a safe space for our students, these groups are ‘closed-access’ groups and are invite-only.

To request an invite, please email the moderator email address(es) specified in the group details.

Interest Groups

To join these groups, please go to Google Classroom and (make sure you are logged in using your Coleg Cambria Student Email account) enter the code for the group into the Join a Classroom option.