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Student Voice is a fantastic way for how you can get involved in presenting any ideas you or your fellow classmates have to help improve Coleg Cambria.


Every class elects two Class Reps in September so if you’re interested put yourself forward by letting your tutor know.
Click to see your current Reps.


Your voice counts – submit your IDEA on our Have Your Say and get other students to share their agreement (upvote) or disagreement (downvote) with it.

What can you access?

When you register and login to your Coleg Cambria Student Voice union website, you have access to all this…


Welcome to Coleg Cambria and for those of you returning, welcome back!
We have thrown together an assortment of helpful pages containing videos, links to resources and goodies…


Catch up on everything Student Voice, your Student Presidents, Vice-Presidents and Reps have to share with you as well as any Good News stories and updates across the campuses.

FE Student Voice

This is the home of your FE Student Voice portal – everything from what our system is to who your reps are.This is the home of your FE Student Voice portal – everything from what our system is to who your reps are.

What’s On?

Your home of events, clubs, groups and societies. Find out what you can get involved in and meet new friends. You can also access all of our Spotlight Sessions from here.


Get stuck into special offers and discounts, music playlists, recipes and more.



Find yourself a part-time around college or full-time when you finish, volunteering or job opportunity.


The heart of Student Voice – platforms for you to suggest new ideas, raise requests and discuss various topics.

‘Student Voice’ Shop

Shopping through our affiliate stores helps us to raise funds for events, training and awareness sessions. PLUS, coming soon: our very own ‘Student Voice’ Shops to your campuses!

Campus Leaders: Student Presidents

Each year we elect two new Student Presidents – your 2021/22 Presidents:

North East Campus Group: Yale, Bersham and Llysfasi
North West Campus Group: Deeside, D6th and Northop

North-East: To Be Elected

Coming Soon

view profile

North-West: To Be Elected

Coming Soon

view profile

Campus Leaders: Student Vice-Presidents

We also elect one Student Vice-President per Campus:


Jack Llewellyn


Ellie Kidd


Morgan Matthews


Katie Rigg


Matthew Hayes


To be Announced

Student Reps

Each Campus and Tutor Group has a number of Student Reps to act as your Voice and link to Student Voice.

See Who Your Reps Are…

Bersham Road Reps

D6th Reps

Deeside Reps

Llysfasi Reps

Northop Reps

Yale Reps

All Reps

Student Governors

And, we also appoint two Student Governors to represent the voice of the students on the Board of Governors. For 2020/21 your Student Governors are below, and they have already begun contributing to change at Coleg Cambria:

Ren-Zubet Parkinson

Studying at D6th

Ben White

Studying at Yale

Latest News

Keep up to date with the latest CCSV events and updates.

Reflections of an Inclusive WorldSkills Medal Winner

Read about Ben’s experiences of competing in the Skills Competition Wales (Welsh Skills) and WorldSkills Competitions, from the perspective of an Inclusive competitor.

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Youth Led Grants Panel Member

Click here to visit the FLVC website for more details.

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FLVC Support Volunteers for Supported Volunteering Projects

Click here to visit the FLVC website for more details.

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