Got the grades you need?


You will need to confirm your place online by 4pm 23rd August 2019

You will receive an email on Thursday 22nd August with a link to the confirmation system. You will need your GCSE results to complete this.


Once you’ve confirmed your place online we’ll then send you a welcome postcard explaining where you need to go on your first day in college.

If you need to buy any equipment for your course you can find a kit list under Course Details with the relevant order forms.

For induction and start date details click here


Don’t Panic! Come and see us on one of our Results and Advice Days or call us on 0300 30 30 007 or email

You will need to bring in your GCSE results slips before you can start your timetable. Take a photo of your GCSE results slips and show these to your tutor on results day or at induction. You will need to bring the actual slips in with you at a later date.

Want to change your course?

You will need to come and see us at our Results and Advice Days

Got any questions?

We’re open throughout the summer – call our Student Services team for advice and guidance 0300 30 30 007