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Unlock Your Potential Now With Our Neurodiverse Courses

If you are neurodiverse and are in search of a course that can cater to your needs, then look no further!

Neurodiverse courses at Cambria are designed to enable individuals with social communication conditions such as Autism to succeed academically.

The courses are taught by experienced staff and incorporate practical techniques and strategies, tailored to individual needs.

From hands-on activities to auditory stimulation, these courses are designed to your preferred learning style.

More details about the courses offered and how to apply now can be found below.

Life Skills 

All neuro courses offer a personalised life skills element aimed at developing your independence and employment skills such as using transport, working with others, developing communication skills and managing money.


To be eligible for a Neuro programme all learners must have a social communication difficulty such as Autism documented in an education plan i.e Individual Development Plan or Learning and Skills Plan (Wales) or Education Health and Care Plan (England)

We look forward to meeting you in September. Your future starts here!

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