New art books November 2015

Lots of lovely new art and photography books just in stock at the Grove Park Library, with a selection pictured here including the Tate monograph on Gwen John, a fine and important early 20th century painter; a pictorial survey of some of the iconic works of painting and sculpture that form the Museum of Modern Art’s collection; an historical overview of ‘The Lives of the Great Photographers’ of the 19th and 20th centuries, from the pioneering Atget to Ansel Adams to Mapplethorpe; the lavishly-illustrated ‘Painting the Modern Garden’, which explores the close and symbiotic relationship between painting and gardens during the later-19th to earlier-20th century, with particular emphasis on Monet, also a keen horticulturist, some of his fellow Impressionists and subsequent modernist artists; an informative practical guide to ‘Writing and Illustrating the Graphic Novel’, featuring much technical advice and tips on presenting your finished work; and ‘Masters of the Everyday’, again extensively illustrated, on the subject of Dutch genre painting of the 17th century.

These titles and many more new items are now available to loan, just bring the book(s) and your student ID card to the Issue Desk.

If you’re based at a particular campus and would like any books or loan resources that are located at another’s library, just ask and we can have it sent to your local site, for you to collect, as soon as possible.