Creative Art Enterprise Centres

Thinc Centre

Thinc supports and promotes enterprise within the Creative Industries sector, as well as providing a resource for students and artists & designers in the wider community. Our main facilities include a laser cutter and a large format printer, both of which are available to the public.


Thinc Quilts

Thinc Quilts was set up with funding assistance from the Welsh Government. With a focus on traditional Welsh crafts and sustainability, Thinc Quilts have been created with the lowest possible carbon footprint in support of HRH Prince Charles’ Campaign for Wool.

Our long arm quilting machine is also available for public use.


Thinc Digital Imaging Centre

Coming Soon!

In continuing our committment to the development of the Creative Industries sector, we are pleased to announce funding for a new Hi-Glide photographic studio with a tethered shooting system and still life area. This facility will also be available to the public and small businesses who are interested in making high quality images in a studio environment.