Still Current: 03/04/2020

Last Updated: 24/03/2020

Coleg Cambria is now closed to students following government advice to do so. We will continue to update our website as further information becomes available.

We will be in touch with all our students as soon as we have information about individual programmes, including how you will progress to the next level, or about your results.  Please don’t worry, arrangements will be made for everyone. 

Your tutor is working remotely and will respond to you via email.  If you need any work to do at home, or information about your course ,or have any worries at all please contact them directly. 

If you have any further questions please see our FAQs below.

The College is doing all it can to provide support to essential services and key workers.  

Active Kids Club

Any essential key workers with children between the ages of 5-14 should contact their child’s school in the first instance.  If children are unable to be accommodated due to schools being oversubscribed please email:

Toybox Nursery

Toybox Nursery is also available for essential key workers for children aged between 3 months and 5 years.  For further information and to check availability please email:

Please do not just turn up at college sites.


FAQs – Students

Will the College be deep cleaned?

Our cleaning teams are working extensively to maintain all areas, ensuring they are as clean and as hygienic as possible.

What will happen if exams or practical coursework units are disrupted?

We are working with exam boards to make sure that contingency plans are in place should there be any disruption to exams.

Are trips still going ahead?

All student trips have now been cancelled to reduce the pressure on students, parents and staff.

Will I still get paid EMA if I have to self-isolate?

Yes, you must notify the College in the usual way so we can log your absence and you will still receive EMA payments (Log your isolation through the college app and by emailing all of the teaching staff)

Will I still get paid EMA if the College closes?


How can I help to stop the spread of Coronavirus?
What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?

The following symptoms may develop after exposure to someone who has Coronavirus (COVID-19):

  • A cough
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • High temperature

Although these symptoms do not necessarily mean someone has the virus, current NHS advice recommends self-isolation for those with a high temperature and a new continuous cough.

Will the College authorise absence if I develop symptoms of Coronavirus?

Yes, your attendance record will be updated where we know you are off due to self-isolation with suspected Coronavirus symptoms. 

I feel anxious about coronavirus, what should I do?

You can talk to staff in the Student Services team, they are always happy to help and you can find some useful tips here -

I have an underlying health condition/ live with someone who is vulnerable, what should I do?

Please follow Government guidelines which are to limit social contact, wash hands and avoid touching face.

What should I do if a family member may show symptoms of the virus?

Please self isolate the whole household for 14 days.

What is the status of our Nurseries? Do they remain open?

Yes our nurseries will stay open and remain open subject to our own staff availability. This may be particularly relevant for workers in essential sectors.

I've applied for a course starting in September, what will happen now that GCSE exams have been cancelled?
Our intention is that the college will open as normal for Sept 2020. 
Anyone who has applied should be assured that there will be a course for them.  Please don't worry we will be in touch before September to finalise arrangements with you.
Can I still apply for a course?

Yes - you can do this anytime online.

I’ve just applied for a course for September, what happens about my interview if the college is shut to students?

All interviews will be suspended until future notice. Once we receive further guidance and are able to start interviewing again we will be in touch to rearrange. 

I’ve got an interview booked in, will it still go ahead?

All interviews will be suspended until future notice. Once we receive further guidance and are able to start interviewing again we will be in touch to rearrange. 

Will my EMA and Welsh Government Learning Grant continue to be paid?

Yes both will be paid as normal.

When will I receive the work my tutor has promised to support me to learn from home?

Please email your tutor directly who will be able to respond to your queries.  Our staff are also working from home to protect everyone, so we will not be able to post items to your house but we will be able to share electronic documents and answer individual queries via email.

What will happen to my AS exams?

Please see the link to the latest update from QiW about AS level awards.

At present this is the approach:

1. AS exams from this summer will be treated like GCSE and A-levels and will be given a grade based on a variety of data including predicted grades from teachers, prior attainment etc..

2. AS qualifications will not count towards the full A-level next year. 

3. In Summer 2021 students will have two options: 

       a. Sit AS exams (40% of total A-level) and A2 exams (60% of A-level)

       b. Sit just A2 Exams (100% of A-level)

Note: If a student sits the AS exams and the A2 exams, but would have got a higher grade by just sitting the A2 exams alone then this grade will be awarded instead and the AS exams will be ignored. 

We will need some time to have detailed discussions about the college's best approach, but this will be made when more information is shared by the Welsh government. Please rest assured we are working hard to ensure Coleg Cambria learners receive a fair and accurate grade for their qualifications.

What will happen to my Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate qualification?
WJEC have announced that your Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate (SCC) controlled assessments will not be moderated by WJEC for the summer 2020 series.

Your tutors have all your coursework completed to date (and their marks) safe until WJEC advise of next steps. We still do not know if WJEC will give a predicted grade on work assessed so far. In all likelihood, your tutor will issue a grade based on a carefully considered and professional judgement of the most likely grade that you would achieve in normal circumstances. This is not a target or aspirational grade.

Until then, we would encourage everyone to continue with the SCC and complete any outstanding work (to be uploaded on your Google Classroom) by Monday 1st June. We know that the SCC will develop skills that will help you with higher education and employment. Rest assured that Coleg Cambria staff are here to help and support you in completing your work, achieving this qualification and developing sought-after skills. Working remotely and independently like this really will develop your personal effectiveness and your digital literacy at the very least!

FAQs – Parents and Carers

What is the College doing to keep learners safe?

Reinforcing Government Guideline on hygiene and cleaning requirements. We have increased the frequency of cleaning across the sites, increased numbers of cleaners and will deep clean any areas required. 

What will happen if exams or practical coursework units are disrupted?

We are working with exam boards to make sure that contingency plans are in place should there be any disruption to exams.

Will closure of the college affect my child's education?

We will take all possible steps to ensure the education of your child and work with Government and Award bodies to minimise the impact of the disruption.

Will there be learning materials / equipment available if the college closes?

We are a google enabled college, most learners already have access to a wide range of resources and learning materials for their programmes.  Learners will be able to contact college staff as normal during isolation via email and any at-risk learners will be signposted to online support. We have sufficient numbers of Chromebooks for students if they do not have a device that they can use at home.