Coleg Cambria BTEC Level 3 IT students took on the brief from to design and build the charity a new website to reach out to young people suffering with mental health issues.

During this project, which makes up part of their Advanced Skills Challenge certificate, the students developed skills in project management, web design, problem solving, team building, understanding key requirements and communicating to the customer. The website had to be built to strict specifications that the charity had provided and the students had to ensure that they met these requirements in the design.

The charity visited Cambria to see the students present their website designs. Each team demonstrated why their website should be chosen, they were also questioned intensively to see what technical issues they came up against during the process.

The winning team for the Crisis App was William Griffith, Aaron Daniels, Nikki Prochacha and Connor Evans. Although they originally pitched for the New Mind App it was felt they would be best suited to undertaking the Crisis App as the presentation was very impressive and highly detailed.

Winning the pitch for the New Mind App was Megan Duley, Chantelle Pearson and Ieuan Phoenix. Judges feedback included that the team was very committed and also honest, they really liked the fact that it was aimed at teenagers and it was very comprehensive.

Finally winners in the pitch for the website included Kai Taylor, Kyle Davies and Rakibul Hassan. The judges stated that they were impressed with their presentation style and also the google presentation, especially the fact it was focused on Wrexham and particular mental health disorders.

The judges were also impressed with Damian Skolarczyk, James Ware, Kalin Anastasov and Dafydd Rawlinson who were the only group who pitched for the Crisis App and gave a very solid presentation.

Coleg Cambria Computing Technologies Lecturer, Simon Prince said: “This has been an amazing opportunity for the students in that they had a real project to work on, and that the finished website will be used by the charity for all to see. The students have gained real IT skills that well help them to get the careers they want, and it’s great that Coleg Cambria gives them these opportunities.”

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