Role of a Campus Council member

There are around 12 Campus Council Reps per site and by the end of the year, all 12 are normally very good friends.

A Campus Council Rep has all the duties of a Class Rep PLUS:

  • Campus Council Reps should meet informally once every two weeks at a suitable time for around half an hour. These informal discussions will enable Campus Council Reps to work with the Student President and other student leaders to influence college developments and recommend change where appropriate.

  • Campus Council Reps attend 2 lunchtime Formal Campus Council meetings a year with senior staff and a college governor. They have the opportunity to raise matters discussed by the student body, new initiatives and any other relevant themes with senior staff and to make recommendations for change.

  • Campus Council Reps have to attend and contribute to the Student Voice Parliament once a year.

  • Campus Council Reps Reps have to represent Coleg Cambria and the student body at various agreed events such as NUS Trips.

  • Campus Council Reps have to be a role model for students of Coleg Cambria.

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