• Higher Potential Programme

Higher Potential Programme



You CAN be brilliant at Coleg Cambria!

You have potential, but it may just need unlocking, or unblocking. The new Higher Potential Programme will support you as you identify, explore, activate, and nurture your individual higher potential. It is a programme that will help build your self-esteem and give you the confidence to seek out your interests, showcase your talents, and let your potential shine!

At Cambria, we will inspire you on your higher potential journey. Staff will spark your curiosity and stimulate your discovery for our subjects and courses. This extends beyond the academic, and into a wide range of other fantastic areas. Across our five sites, you will also be engaged outside of the classroom, with learning opportunities beyond coursework to help you develop collaborative and individual higher potential.

So what can Coleg Cambria provide?
The key to our Rhaglen Bosibl (RBU)/Higher Potential Programme (HPP) is getting you to believe in your own unique potential. Although you might not know what that is yet, you have it, and you can discover and grow your higher potential at Cambria. Below are some opportunities that we aim to provide for your inspiration, exploration, and challenge:

  • Staff to support and foster your higher potential

  • Activities for problem-solving and collaborative learning

  • Additional resources for self-led learning

  • Mentoring opportunities

  • Roles as peer tutors/teaching assistants

  • Creative and experimental challenges

  • Expert visits/talks/Q&A (in situ or virtual)

  • Trips (in situ or virtual) to places/areas/experiences of interest

  • Masterclasses (in situ or virtual)

  • Personal/social skills support/events

  • College/community/industry events and partnerships

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