As students and staff at Coleg Cambria we will:

  • Reflect the diverse communities we serve

  • Respect and celebrate the different backgrounds and cultures of all learners and staff

  • Have zero tolerance of bullying and harassment

  • Treat all learners and staff equally and fairly

  • Ensure learning and college services are accessible to all

  • Challenge Prejudice

Coleg Cambria welcomes all students and staff to endorse this charter and contribute to achieving the aims.
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Our society is made up of a diverse collection of people with different stories, different lives, and different beliefs.

At Coleg Cambria we put diversity at our core.

We lay aside our differences and achieve success by working together and learning from each other, making us a truly vibrant and stimulating place to study and work.

Since our formation we have been committed to the principles and practice of equality, diversity and human rights to make an environment of equal and inclusive learning for all that pass through our doors.

Whilst our dreams might be different our goals are the same; university, careers, or just a desire to know more.

We all want to broaden our horizons in an environment that’s safe, fun and inclusive.

By celebrating diversity we strive to ensure that all backgrounds, cultures, religions and disabilities are educated in an environment of endless possibilities.

As students and staff at Coleg Cambria we will celebrate, respect and reflect our communities, treat learners and staff as equal and ensure accessibility for all.

We challenge prejudice.

We stand up to bullying.

We welcome you to endorse this charter and help us to achieve these aims.
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Coleg Cambria Promoting British Values

British values underpin all education and activities at Coleg Cambria. It is the College's legal duty to ensure that all learners understand the British values set out in the Government's Prevent Strategy.

British values are defined as, learning about:

  • Democracy

  • The rule of Law

  • Individual liberty

  • Mutual Respect

  • Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs

At College our pastoral system covers all of these elements and students can get fully engaged with democratic processes, via a comprehensive learner voice programme which encourages democracy at all levels. The College promotes voting registration and raises awareness about elections, where ever possible.

Coleg Cambria's values include to 'encourage and celebrate diversity' and to 'respect others and our environment'. The College are 'Investors in Diversity' and actively promote tolerance of different faiths and beliefs via its chaplaincy services, the pastoral system, college activities and a very active equality and diversity committee.
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