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erica and dan
Former students from our Deeside site Erica Hunt and Dan Gunner have been coaching Athletics and Multi sports to local school children for the past two years and been part of projects to engage individuals in becoming fit, which led to them travelling to Italy and Cardiff.

Erica went from been a shy, unwilling to try new things student. To a confident, outgoing and willing to try new things student.

She won the Active Cambria students of the year award for her commitment and embracement to try new things.

Dan was asked to become and coach within his local sport development department and was employed to coach in the community.
Students who wish to become a coach or fitness instructor in a chosen sport or activity can seek funding from Active Cambria if they volunteer to deliver on the Active Cambria physical activity programme.

Max Drinkwater ran some staff circuit sessions after the support from Active Cambria to enable him to achieve his circuit training qualification.

Max said ‘ It was very beneficial for me to run the circuit sessions for Active Cambria.

The support I received has given me the building blocks to start my own sessions in the community’.
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"Just wanted to say a big thank you for giving the Learners in Hair and Beauty a great 3 weeks of Mind, Body and Soul activities. They have really enjoyed it and got a lot out of the sessions and so have I. The sessions have helped them to understand how important keeping a healthy mind, body and soul is and how it helps them to learn better, makes them feel better and is really enjoyable. Some Learners will be joining the gym or taking up activities with Active Cambria and we will continue activities within our Pastoral sessions. Thank you to Active Cambria coaches."

Alison Hill Pastoral Coach Deeside

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