• Personal Development

Students are given opportunities to develop themselves in softer skills such as confidence, timekeeping, resilience, team work during their time at Coleg Cambria.

Active Cambria can offer you opportunities to develop your coaching, IT skills, administration and marketing within college and the local community to enhance personal skills.

Coleg Cambria offers students a volunteering programme called 'Trusted Leaders' where you are awarded with Millennium volunteer certificates, coaching qualifications, trips away and mentoring to enable you to grow in your desired role. Staff who help can be placed on the colleges Champions group.

This volunteering can help you with your DofE, Welsh Baccalaureate and CV enhancing. To discuss further please email donna.welsh@cambria.ac.uk .

Active Cambria works alongside the MAT programme which is designed to help the more able and talented students develop in their specialised area.

Please inform the college if you or your child have a talent and also let our Active Cambria co ordinator donna.welsh@cambria.ac.uk know if your talents lie in coaching, nutrition, IT, Marketing or fitness.

There are plenty of opportunities to enhance your talent while at Coleg Cambria.

outdoor adventure challenges
Take part in outdoor adventure challenges
Represent Welsh Colleges in sports
Represent Welsh Colleges in sports

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