Welsh Language Standards

Coleg Cambria is proud to be a bilingual college.
The Welsh Language Measure (Wales) 2011 affords the Welsh language official status in Wales. This means it must be treated no less favourably than the English language.

The Welsh Language Commissioner has published Welsh Language Standards, as set out by the Welsh Government under Section 44 of the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011. These standards will apply to Coleg Cambria from 1 April 2018 and will replace the College’s Welsh Language Scheme.

The standards are a set of legally binding requirements that aim to improve the bilingual service that the people of Wales can expect to receive from a number of public and statutory bodies, including Coleg Cambria. The standards clearly set out what our responsibilities are in terms of providing bilingual services, ensuring the Welsh language is not treated any less favourably than the English language.
A compliance notice was issued to Coleg Cambria on 29 September 2017 setting out which standards apply to the college.

The language standards we must comply with are divided into 5 different categories:
Service delivery
Policy making
Record keeping

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