Student Finance Explained

Full Time Students

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If you are a full time student aged 16-18, there is a range of support available to you. The range of financial support depends on your circumstances and what and where you are studying.

If you are living in Wales, you may be eligible for Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA). If you are 19 or over you may be eligible for a Welsh Government Adult Learning Grant. You may also be eligible for the Student Support Fund (SSF).

If you live outside of Wales you can find funding information by visiting the below:
England DirectGov Student Finance
Scotland SAAS
Northern Ireland studentfinanceni
International students can find information at

Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA)
The Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA) Wales is for full-time students aged 16 to 18 years who live in Wales. Eligible students receive allowances of £30 per week.

Before you apply for EMA there are few things you will need to check to make sure you qualify:

Date of Birth - you must be 16-18 years old on 31 August 2017
Course - you must be studying at a participating school or college on an ‘eligible’ course
Household Income - this must be below a certain level to receive EMA
Nationality and Residency – If you are a UK citizen living in Wales you should be eligible for EMA
Apply via Student Services 0300 30 30 007

Welsh Government Learning Grant
The Welsh Government Learning Grant (ALG) is for students aged 19 and over on full-time or part-time courses over 275 hours per year and who live in Wales. It is an income-assessed grant of up to £1,500 that aims to encourage more people to continue with their education, where otherwise this may not be possible.
Apply via Student Services 0300 30 30 007

Student Support Fund (SSF)
The Student Support Fund (SSF) is for full-time and part-time students aged 16 or over who may have difficulties in completing their course because of financial restrictions. The funds can assist with costs of study such as childcare and equipment.

Eligible students need to:
Be 16 or over on Sept 1st 2017
Hold UK/EU/EEA nationality with at least 3 years continued residency in UK/EU/EEA/Switzerland
Hold Refugee, EU Temporary Protection or Humanitarian protection Status
Have a family income of less than £20,817 per annum
Apply via Student Services 0300 30 30 007

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Higher Education Students

Higher Education students can get access to a variety of financial support. The Student Loans Company offer loans and grants for studying higher education courses at Coleg Cambria. Eligibility depends on the course type and where you live.

In summary:
Foundation degrees and degrees have fees which can be funded by student loans
Higher Apprenticeships are usually funded by the welsh government
Professional courses may be funded by your employer, by you or by European projects

Bursary for current students
For September 2017 starts we are offering a £1,000 bursary for all current Coleg Cambria students who study these Cambria degree courses:
Bursaries will be awarded in two instalments, term 1 and 2, to students on programmes who have paid their fees.

More details about how to apply are available via Student Services 0300 30 30 007 and via the student loans company website

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Part Time Students

Part time students studying in Wales can apply for a range of financial support including:

• Adult Dependants Grant (ADG)
• Childcare Grant (CCG)
• Parents' Learning Allowance (PLA)
• Disabled Student’s Allowance (DSA)

More information on this additional financial support can be found on the Student Finance Wales website.
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How To Apply

International Students

If you are not a UK citizen you may still be eligable for the Welsh Government Learning Grant. Visit for more information.

International students can also find financial advice at

For more information email our international advisors directly at
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Fees shown next to part time courses cover up to the first year of study only. For two or three year courses, the same fee will be payable again at the start of your second and third year of study. You will need proof at enrolment if your company is paying your course fee.

Direct debits
We offer payment via direct debit if your course cost is over £200. You will be eligible to pay half upfront and then spread out the remaining cost over 3 months

Are you aged under 16?
Due to the way of our courses are supported by Government funding, we may have to charge an additional fee on courses to students under 16 years old on 1st Sept 2016. For safeguarding purposes, a parent or guardian will need to accompany under 16’s to classes and will need to pay the standard course fee.

Some Adult and Community Learning courses may be eligible for concessions.

For more information please contact Student Services or view our Fees Policy.
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