Work based learning assessors Yvonne Evans and Rosemary Gilmartin have both been shortlisted for the TES FE Assessor of the year Award, along with the best from across the UK.

This award seeks to reward those individuals who have inspired apprentices to success whilst also making a major contribution to educational life through their knowledge, skill and passion.

Yvonne, an assessor in Food Manufacturing is a key member of the team leading on new developments. Yvonne has worked within many companies throughout her time at the college including Village Bakery and Dailycer. Receiving a City and Guilds Medal of Excellence for her own learning, many of her students have also been recognised for their achievements.

Jo Butterworth, HR Manager at Dailycer said:

‘’Yvonne plays an integral role within our organisation and has been a regular visitor over the last 5 years, she is committed to the development of our people through work based learning and strives to continually develop her skills and passes her learnings back into our organisation.

‘’She has introduced a positive change to our organisations by encouraging staff to come back to education and helping them to drive on beyond what they thought they were capable of.’’


Rosemary who works in the Work based learning area of Health and Social Care undertakes a range of roles in the capacity of Lead Assessor and IQA (Internal Quality Assurance), where she is a key member of the college’s IQA strategy group. Rosemary has shown great use of technology within her role which has been an inspiration to others and she’s always looking at new ways of utilising the technology available to assessors. She has also established highly effective relationships with both employers and learners.

Natalie Fletcher, Care Services Director, Quality Education with Care Ltd said:

‘’Rosie has been pivotal in promoting the development of staff who have been fortunate enough to have her support their learning as well as leading them through the course achieving a positive outcome.

‘’The impact on learners has been exceptional during her supporting years. I know that the whole team will be behind me in supporting Rosie for this award as she is the epitome of everything that it stands for.’’

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