Centre Determined Grades for GCSEs

Last updated 17.03.21


This page answers some key questions as to how Centre Determined Grades (CDGs) will be produced for GCSEs.


Further guidance will be provided by WJEC later in March and this page will continue to be updated over the coming months.


All up-to-date information will be available here


Date Activity
15/3/21 to 26/3/21 Remote Delivery and Assessment Milestone (preparation and completion)
29/3//21 to 11/4/21 EASTER HOLIDAYS
12/4//21 to 15/5/21 Completion of Assessment Milestones
31/5/21 to 4/6//21 HALF TERM
7/6/21 Provisional CDG results emailed to learners
7/6/21 to 18/6/21 CDG Internal Review process
12/8/21 GCSE results issued by WJEC
23/8/21 to 21/9/21 Candidates can appeal final grades to WJEC (if applicable)


Frequently Asked Questions

There will not be any formal exams this year. In the absence of an exam series, schools and colleges will be determining the GCSE and A level grades awarded to learners in summer 2021.

This has been chosen to enable tutors to prioritise teaching and learning in the time available and puts trust in the college to support you to progress with the next steps in your learning journey.

Tutors will be mindful of this and you will have opportunities to demonstrate your ability throughout the remainder of this academic year. Our aim for A levels, AS levels and GCSEs is to produce an amalgamated “Composite Grade” that brings together assessment information produced from September to early March. Learners will then do onsite assessments from April. It is not anticipated that learners will be given the opportunity to sit any missed assessments that took place in the past and which contribute to the Composite Grade but should a learner miss one of the upcoming onsite assessments then they will be given the opportunity to take this at another time.

We’re following clear guidelines laid out by Qualifications Wales and the awarding bodies to ensure we administer fair and equitable processes at all times. Your CDG is not the judgement of an individual tutor, but rather the culmination of a robust and transparent evidence-based approach involving a number of staff at the college. We want to be confident you are awarded a grade which has been fairly standardised and agreed in conjunction with external agencies’ guidelines.

Yes. There will be two possibilities to appeal your CDG. Once you receive your result, you will be able to request that the College reviews this. This review will take place between 7th June and 18th June and the College will let you know the outcome during this time. If your grade changes (up or down) following the Review then it is your new grade that will be sent to WJEC.

The College is then intending to submit all results to WJEC during the week commencing 28th June. A Level results will be issued on 10th August and then you will be able to appeal to WJEC between this date and 7th September. GCSE results will be issued on 12th August and then you will be able to appeal to WJEC between the 24th August and 21st September.

No, they’re not the same. CDGs offer a flexible approach to assessment which enables tutors to review the level you are working at in the context of work you have covered. Your CDGs will be based purely on evidence-based judgements and awarding body algorithms will not be used.

Tutors will submit a CDG having drawn upon a range of evidence from a variety of sources which may include Non Exam Assessments (NEA) – which means coursework, assessment points, class tests and milestone assessments. The specific approach may differ between GCSE, A level and AS level, and also may differ across different subjects. More detailed information will be provided to you by your teachers about how your CDG will be decided for each subject. Please rest assured that our internal quality processes will be fair and robust to ensure you are not inadvertently disadvantaged.

No. You won’t be assessed on elements of the curriculum which have not been taught or covered. The types of evidence required will reflect adapted specification content.

We are expecting to email your results to your college account on 7th June.

Not necessarily. As detailed above, grades may change if you request an internal review in June. Also, in July WJEC will look at the College’s results and they may ask for the College to look again at some of the grades we have awarded, although the chance of this will be relatively small. Finally, once grades are formally issued in August there will be a period of time when you will be able to appeal to WJEC and this may mean that your grades change. Overall though, it is probable that the CDG issued to you on 07/06/21 will be confirmed as your final grade in August.

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