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Student Services
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  • Our Student Services advisors are ready to help before and during your time at college. They offer the following:

    • Information and advice on courses, qualifications and relevant entry requirements
    • Information on grants, funds, loans and benefits
    • Help with filling out forms
    • Confidential personal support/welfare advice throughout your course
    • Organising transport for full-time students aged under 19

    What to do if you are ill

    If you are ill and unable to attend college, you or someone on your behalf, must phone in to college before 9.15am to report this to your subject area office (please telephone the main switchboard for the site your are studying at). If you do not speak to one of the administrative assistants, please leave a message on the answer machine. You must state your full name, course and the reason for being unable to attend college i.e. give details of your illness if you are unwell.

    0300 30 30 007

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    Need advice?

  • Advice on money matters comes from our Student Services Team who can help students to apply for the following means tested funds:

    Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA)

    The Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA) Wales is for full-time students aged 16 to 18 years who live in Wales. Eligible students receive allowances of £30 per week.

    Welsh Government Learning Grant

    The Welsh Government Learning Grant (ALG) is for students aged 19 and over on full-time or part-time courses over 275 hours per year and who live in Wales.

    Student Support Fund (SSF)

    The Student Support Fund (SSF) is for full-time and part-time students aged 16 or over, for assistance with costs of study, such as childcare and equipment. Apply via Student Services.

    Student Loans Company

    The Student Loans Company offer loans and grants for studying higher education courses at Coleg Cambria. More details about how to apply are available via Student Services and via the Student Loans Company website

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  • Coleg Cambria is committed to the fair and equal treatment of disabled people. We are working hard with staff and students to promote the equal opportunities of people who have disabilities.

    We want everyone who studies and works within Coleg Cambria to feel included in all of our services. We can help if you have a physical disability, visual or hearing impairment. Our trained staff offer friendly support and advice, and the loan of specialist equipment.

    Need advice?

  • Support is available to all students and is provided by a team of specialist teachers. We can offer the following:

    • Assessments to identify your support needs
    • Support for learners identified with specific learning differences such as dyslexia, Asperger syndrome, ADD
    • Screening for visual stress and/or visual perceptual difficulties (Irlen Syndrome)
    • Individual and group tutorials with specialist teachers
    • Additional support with English and Maths
    • Revision techniques
    • Strategies for planning, writing and proof-reading assignments to develop independent study
    • Assessments for eligibility for examination access arrangements
    • Communicator for the hearing impaired

    Disability Assistance

    We have a range of specialist equipment available for students with visual and/or hearing impairment. Our trained staff offer friendly support and advice.

    If you have a physical difficulty you can discuss your needs with the Additional Support Manager.

    Please let us know if you have any specific needs or disabilities. We will treat your enquiry discreetly. We will obtain your permission before details of your support needs are shared with specialist teams within the college.

    If you need help, please talk to your tutor, a Student Services advisor (call 0300 3030 007 ) or send an email to

  • Students starting in 2016 who are aged 16-18 years old living in England or Wales are eligible to travel free of charge on the college network of buses. New students aged 19 and over may be subject to travel costs.

    We provide a network of buses to help full time students travel to and from our college sites. You will only be able to use college buses if you have a valid bus pass, which we will send to you when you confirm your enrolment.

    • You will not be allowed to travel on college buses unless you show your bus pass after the first few weeks of term.
    • You must behave in a way that does not offend others whilst travelling on college buses. If you misbehave on the college buses, the disciplinary procedure will be followed and your bus pass may be taken away from you.
    • Please make sure that you arrive before the stated pick up time, as the bus will not wait for you.

  • Expert careers advice and guidance is available to all students from our highly professional and award winning team, who work closely with Careers Wales.

    Our Careers Centres on each campus, provide all the resources you’ll need to find out about possible career options and make informed decisions about your future.

    Our advisors can provide information, advice and guidance on:

    • How to get jobs - filling out application forms, interview skills etc
    • Local job opportunities
    • Careers which meet your individual needs
    • Courses to help you progress to your chosen career
    • Help with university/Higher Education entrance requirements
    • Finding out about work-based training and apprenticeships

    How to book an appointment